Shire Connect Limousines is a local business that has been operating since 2010.

Since then the business has grown to be highly recognised when it comes to residential and business clients in the Sutherland Shire.

Our focus is to provide a high level professional and friendly service to residents & businesses of the Sutherland Shire and it’s surrounds. Our prices are highly competitive and very reasonably comparable against taxi rates. We rely on word of mouth to grow our client base so you can be assured that you will only receive the very best service from us.

Shire……. Shire Connect Limousines is  a limousine service generally focusing on residents and businesses in the Sutherland Shire & it’s surrounds.

Connect…. A business that has been 3 years in the making with a clientel that is building rapidly. We like to Connect to our customers in any way shape or form, whether it is a text message, a phone call, email or via our website. Shire Connect limousines believes that communincation is the key to success in moving forward.

Limousines…. It is not your average expensive Limousine Company.

We Focus on people’s needs and what they would like in a transport service. From our experience people would like affordability, an on time service and a driver who is able to show up with a smile and assist with anything you require. We believe that people like you deserve to travel in style while still paying a price that is competitive with taxis.

All major credit cards and cab charge accepted